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The RC Group Financial Education Rhonda Culver
Rhonda Culver • Founder • The RC Group, LLC

“I realized that, because of my experience, I could offer firsthand financial education to help people transform their lives and relationship with money.”

Hi, I’m Rhonda Culver, Founder and Chief Financial Education Officer at The RC Group, and I’m sharing my hard-won financial lessons so you can build your own financial health to achieve lasting wealth.

You see, I wasn’t supposed to have financial trouble.

With decades of experience in corporate finance, an MBA degree, and a CPA designation, I should have been able to amass a nice chunk of change.

And I did! I discovered the value of real estate, became a broker, and fell in love with helping people find their dream homes and build thriving communities. Times were great, and I rode that wave high!

But then I lost it. All of it. Sure, the economy played a role, but I also made poor choices. Ultimately, I had to file for bankruptcy.

I was deeply ashamed. How could I let this happen? I was smart. Accomplished. A former corporate executive. My embarrassment was so deep that I pulled away from many people because I didn’t want to admit how badly I had screwed up. It was the lowest point of my life.

Then I met Christine. I consider Christine my “Earth Angel” because she carried me during my darkest days and showed me I was not alone. She taught me the value of learning from difficult life lessons. And she helped me feel hope again. I began looking up with optimism. I began seeing how my pain and hardship helped me reach and teach others with compassion and grace. I realized that, because of my experience, I could offer firsthand financial education to help people transform their lives and relationship with money. I could be a “Christine” for others!

I started taking small steps, every day, to build my confidence and my bank account. I practiced making smarter financial choices, and documented what I learned.

Today, I can proudly say that I’m solvent, a published author, and the founder of two growing companies. My faith is deeper than ever, and I feel incredible gratitude for all the wonderful people who continue to support my journey.

And now I want to do the same for you! I can’t wait to share my secrets so you can experience the same transformation in your own life!

Are you ready to free yourself, redefine wealth, and make it last? Get started with a complimentary consultation, or sign up for one of my workshops.

Let’s build your financial health for lasting wealth!

With admiration,

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More to the Story

Turning my financial situation around gave me many life lessons, which I diligently recorded so my learnings would stick. 

I am honored to have contributed those lessons to two books: Dream Boldly: I Dare You and LifeSPARKS: Life Stories to Illuminate, Inspire, and Ignite. These anthologies tell my story and the stories of other accomplished women who have transformed their lives.

If you’re ready to take action, these books will inspire and encourage you on your journey. You are not alone! 


The RC Group Life Sparks Book
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Whether you want to start small or grow big, we have a financial education solution to help you get results.

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Connect with others who want to improve their financial health.

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Make a small investment in learning how to create your own plan for success.

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We measure our success by how well YOU succeed.

"Rhonda was a valuable member of my team. She designed and established governance during a transformation of financial shared services at American Express. Her ability to collaborate and drive outcomes was an asset to the team."

The RC Group Reviews

"Rhonda helped me purchase a wonderful home. The overall experience was exceptional. She did a great job educating me, keeping me informed, and ensuring that I was comfortable throughout the process."

The RC Group Reviews

"Rhonda exceeded my expectations in all areas - professionalism, reliability, and industry expertise - every step of the way."


“Rhonda is a wonderful resource for our family when we need budgeting advice. We have used her as our real estate agent, as well as for general budgeting and money advice. We will continue to rely on Rhonda for help in the future.”

The RC Group Reviews

"Rhonda was instrumental in securing, selling and managing several of my real estate investments. She is reliable, honest, and a key asset for me."


"Rhonda did a tremendous job of guiding me in the targeting, purchase, and sale of investment properties that helped me reach my financial goals!"

The RC Group Reviews

"As a professional with high integrity, knowledge, and experience, Rhonda is a highly-sought leader in her field. She is goal-oriented and expertly skilled in human behavior. When you are fortunate enough to find Rhonda, engage her!"

The RC Group Reviews

"Over the years, Rhonda has assisted me with real estate transactions and advised me on other financial matters. I rely on her high degree of personal integrity and sound financial advice. I cannot express enough gratitude for everything Rhonda has done for me and my family!"

The RC Group Reviews
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Start your financial education by creating YOUR plan for success at one of our upcoming events.

November 18 • 9-Noon

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November 18 • 9-Noon

Overwhelmed by the prospect of buying or selling a home? Attend our FREE workshop to learn the secrets to achieving your goals while minimizing your stress, then create a personalized buying or selling plan that you can begin to implement immediately.
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January 27 • 9 AM - 5 PM

Transform Your Finances

January 27 • 9 AM - 5 PM

Are you struggling to get out of debt? Trying to make ends meet? Wondering if there's a way to achieve a level of financial peace and freedom without losing yourself in the process? Mark your calendar and watch this space for a full day of tips, strategies, and activities that will help you transform your finances and live life on your terms!


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I can’t wait to help YOU experience the exhilaration of financial transformation! Request a free consultation so we can get you on the path to success TODAY!

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